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July 25, 2012

Jerry CosgroveJerry Cosgrove works at the New World Foundation as the Associate Director of the Local Economies Project. His knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry has been called upon many times. His primary focus is on sustainability in the Hudson Valley area and helping others understand the benefits of local-grown produce.

Jerry works on pinpointing problems within the local agriculture. When he identifies problems, he then develops sustainable solutions. He is able to make many contributions to the design of a farm as well as many of the processes.

His contributions have made him a valuable member of the local and economic communities in New York. He has worked with a number of environmental projects to assist with farming, produce and much more.

When it comes to the South Bronx area, agricultural expert Jerry Cosgrove has something to say about the produce market. This market is likely going to move to the New Jersey area, however many are arguing this point. Jerry is working to keep the market in the Bronx area because it has become a staple to the community. Further, it has to do with the local food movement demands.

The Hunts Point product market sells a lot of food; however most of it comes from larger companies. Only about 4% is actually sold from suppliers based in New York. Jerry is working with farmers to try and get them into the market.

Jerry Cosgrove Helps Others Learn About Local Produce

Jerry is working with the distributors and farmers to reach an agreement with the Hunts Point market. Many of the distributors see the local farmers as competition, which is where he says many are mistaken. Instead, it’s about offering more to the foodies in the industry.

Even those who aren’t foodies should be focused on this situation. The main focus is to get the market to stay in New York. Once this happens, then the produce market can begin to consider taking on more local farmers, which is where Jerry will be assisting wherever possible.

Jerry has also shared information about the NRDC’s new app entitled “NRDC Eat Local.” This will allow shoppers to find out:

– What produce is in season

– Where they can buy fresh produce

Bringing technology together with agriculture has been highly anticipated by Jerry Cosgrove. It’s a free download and allows shoppers to take more control of what they eat. Further, it is a bold step in promoting many of the local farms around the New York area.

The app, which Jerry has spoken about considerably, also provides nutritional information and recipes. This is allowing people to learn the benefits of regional foods. It is also allowing the people to learn more about the environment.

Due to Jerry Cosgrove’s work with the Local Economies Project, he looks forward to working with the NRDC more. They are speaking loudly about the local food systems and this is beneficial to everyone involved. Jerry Cosgrove continues to get involved with agriculture to benefit everyone in the NY area. As a result, Jerry Cosgrove’s services are in high demand

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